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Contribution Reward

TRGMeta is the best place to share game metas, guides or strategies as we reward your contribution with cash!
Simply just share your meta, strategy or useful information for a specific game by writing a topic here, then we will reward your contribution with cash.

How it works


Contributors who write topics here will gain 1 TRGCredit per 1 views on their topic. Then the TRGCredit can be used to cash-in and convert to cash which we will pay those sum of money by transferring USD to your account via Paypal once you cash-in.

Paying Rate
1,000 TRGCredit = $1 (The rate can be change anytime, Please check the current rate on Manage My TRGCredit Page)

How to get TRGCredit and Cash-in
1. Log in to your account and fill in your Paypal account number.
2. Share meta, strategy or useful information of a game on our website by writing a topic.
3. Go to Manage My Topic > Click Update Convertible Views > Click Convert Views To TRGCredit to convert views on your topic to TRGCredit.
4. Go to Manage My TRGCredit > Click Convert TRGCredit to Cash (This function require at least 3,000 TRGCredit per bill)
5. Transaction of cash to your Paypal account will be completed with 1-3 business days

You can check your TRGCredit balance, convert history and cash-in history in Manage My TRGCredit page.

Thank you for your contribution.