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Gacha Simulator

TRGMeta Gacha Simulator

TRGMeta Gacha Simulator is a highly customizable gachapon simulation platform that empowers users to craft their own unique gacha pools, complete with designated items and individualized win rates for each item. Start Simulating Gacha Pull

Featured Gacha Pool

We have several Gacha pools featuring the latest and most popular games ready for pulling. Try it out!

Kingdom Heroes M Goddess of Victory: Nikke Black Clover M


1. Simulate Gachapon Pull

Select an existing gacha pool and simulates gacha pull with any number of pulls you want. Select Gacha Pool
Unable to find the perfect gacha pool? No problem! Craft your own customized pool to simulate pulls effortlessly.

2. Create Gacha Pool

Create your personalized gacha pool by adding any existing items of your choice, along with the ability to define their win rates and rarities. Create Gacha Pool
How to Create Gacha Pool

3. Create Items for Gacha Pool

If the games or items you desired to put in the gacha pool aren't already available, feel free to create them from scratch to tailor the pool to your preferences. Effortlessly generate items for your gacha pool by providing a name and uploading an image Create Items

4. Edit Gacha Pool

You can also edit the gacha pool that you have created, simply hover on your username and select edit gacha pool. You can change pull cost, add items, delete items or edit item's rarity or probability anytime!


To try your luck

To test whether a specific gacha pool is worth pulling or not

To test whether a specific gacha pool is rigged or not, the result should not be much different from the result generated by this simulator

Possible Upcoming Features

Item Enhancement Simulator

Item Option Rolling Simulator

If you want any of this feature to be rolled out faster, please give us feedbacks!

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